If you can’t ex…

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough!

Albert Einstein


6 thoughts on “If you can’t ex…

    • There is no question of popularity until u have read it..because it is only for your satisfaction that u believe in someone..so different people will like different interpretations…it would be better to say follow than like..

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  1. It’s interesting Varun, western education and communication is based on simplicity and clarity for easy understanding but eastern traditions intentionally make it harder for learners to understand.. you know why, while although the western culture makes it easy to gain knowledge since you have not really taken pain and not seek by yourself with all you got you lose the knowledge quickly as well, while in the eastern ancient world (like in vedic times) because it is so hard and it is almost that you will not get it if you don’t seek with your mind and experience it the knowledge gets well rooted in you and you will never lose it!!!

    Something to think about for you!


    • It might be true, but definitely not difficult to understand.The problem arises when the medium of expression of thoughts is difficult to understand for those whose spoken language is different. I would say that many authors wrote books just for a lay man who can understand all the aspects of the subject just by reading those books with interest. Bhaskaracharya’s Leelavathi is a very good book for Mathematics. You wouldn’t beleive, that book was dedicated to his daughter just to sack the sense of boredom in her, in other words “Entertainment”.That book consists aspects of pythagorus’ theorem which is a very important result in mathematics.It is just that we are unable to unearth everything or the problem of language!

      • The composition of Lilavathi is associated with a legend. Bhaskara had a daughter by name Lilavathi. As a good astrologer he predicted that the married life of his daughter would be short lived. He computed that this disaster could be prevented if the auspicious ceremony took place on a certain definite date at a specified time. Since in those days there were no accurate means of measuring time, Bhaskara decided to have one constructed. For this purpose, he had a sand glass made. This is a device in which sand would flow from one vessel to another beneath it through a small orifice in a fixed interval of time. The day before Lilavathi`s marriage, she inquisitively looked into this new instrument. While she was doing so, a small pearl from the ornament of her nose fell into the sand and got mixed with it. This retarded the movement of the sand which resulted in the delay of her marriage. So she lost her husband soon after the marriage. In order to console her of her life long grief, Bhaskara composed the work Lilavathi.
        Here`s some problems from his work;
        A beautiful pearl necklace of a youthful lady was torn in a love quarrel and the pearls were scattered on the floor. One third of the number of pearls was on the bed, one fifth was found on the floor, one sixth was found by the pretty lady, one tenth was collected by the lover and six were seen hanging in the thread. Tell me the total pearls in the necklace.
        O! Mathematician, a bamboo standing on level ground is 32 cubits long. It gets broken by a blast of wind and its end touches the ground at a distance of 16 cubits from its root. At what height was the bamboo broken?

      • That is one point of view. These are interpretations of a well known person . As we don’t know the exact reason, we have to accept all interpretations until it anyone of them is proven.

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