Going nowhere!

I have sat beside my desk wondering about a lot of things lately. The fact that I cannot change the way I write is becoming more and more bleak as days pass by. It is with a very good motive to write this post!

Events are happening. As I observe through this ever changing frame of reference and the ever changing event, I come to a conclusion that if we try to adjust our frame of reference each time corresponding to what we see, we are indeed controlled by what we see. It’s hard to imagine right?  We think the ‘event’ one sees and the person one is when he sees are totally discreet. Unfortunately, it is very hard to come to a conclusion of that sort.

One can easily fall into a trap which makes him think that he gets an answer to something and that matches to what he expected it to be, so thus, it is the right answer to that. It doesn’t work that way though!. If you get a thought about something and you see that happening later, it is unmistakably true that you are lying about your thought. You can expect a surprise but not imagine one. You cannot cheat nature in that sense.

The difference between a ‘good drama’ and a ‘drama’ is that the latter expects no thinking from the audience while the former uses the audience to understand something.  The reason I brought it up here is because,this fact has a correlation with our lives. A person observes a lot of things throughout his life. Sometimes, he wants to share his observations with other people to make sure that he is going in the right path. There are two possibilities now. One, he can change his path to the other person’s path so as to make sure( in his point of view) that he is going in the right direction. Two, he can make sure that he is not taking the other person’s path which is what nature expects from us. Likewise in drama, a good drama expects it’s audience to view the same play differently to measure the play’s count of dimensions. And a ‘drama’ guesses before hand that ‘this’ is what the audience expect and delivers the parcel as required. Which do you think is better?

If we strip apart our thinking styles, we understand something very deep, something out of the ordinary in everything we see. One good example is the concept of ‘death’ or ‘mrtyu’ in western minds and the eastern ones. It is fascinating to see how two sets of people see the same concept so differently. There is always a gloomy class which believes that there are certain things which are not meant to be discussed or talked about. This is the class of people which also inherently get affected from the negative vibe which is formed around them and which is created by themselves when something like ‘death’ is being spoken about. A person who wishes to think should and can only think when he is free from all the effects one can face when he is thinking about the same. To be clear, if a person thinks about something and inherently if there is a feedback system running as he thinks, it would hamper the choices he takes while thinking as one may be biased to something without knowing. So, how does one get to such a stage where he is sure that he will not be affected by any feedbacks? We can see this and realise this only if we see how he goes about thinking. But, if we interfere with his thinking process, we are indirectly being a feedback ourselves. What do we do then?  Digital-art-colorful-abstract-wallpaper-hd-widescreen-wallpapers2


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