A good decision!

It is really scary to look back at the days when you had to take important decisions. That moment you realize the value of the other choices you had is the scariest part. Nevertheless, you try to convince yourself that the decision you made was the right one.

Recently when I had a nice conversation with one of my good friends about decision making, she stressed repeatedly that making a good decision requires a lot of thinking and time. I tried to argue otherwise but couldn’t come up with a strong argument. Maybe it was because I was half asleep and couldn’t think much at that time or maybe because I did not want to create a big scene. If making a decision requires a lot of thinking, then why does that ‘good decision’ change each time according to the mood and other external factors? How do we actually define a ‘good decision’ ? In my view, it is ‘the’ one which keeps you satisfied until that realization of much better options takes place. So, there is no one good decision! This is because our desires are meant to be changed with external factors like the mood. The oscillating mind cannot fix itself on one particular thing because it is exposed to many other things at different times. There is nothing wrong in that!

By saying this, I am not in any way implying that there shouldn’t be any thinking accompanying the decision making process. Rather I would say that the decision you make for the first time would leave you happier and less worried than changing your choice. You may feel that you are changing your choice for the good, for happiness indeed! But, you should also keep in mind that choices(impulse to choose something) change infinitely many times and stopping anywhere in the middle is less than being most happy.

Food for thought: Try out the binary system while making decisions and see how happy you are! Of course no one can stop you from what you want to do. Finally it is left to you!


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